Speedo Minder™ Over-Speed Alert app on iOS!

Bluetooth connected vibrating 'buzzer' Haptic* device on your accelerator pedal!

Haptic* Device launching on Kickstarter July, 2017.

Speedo Minder™ v2.0
NOW available from the Apple App Store.

Free (with adverts) to download and use.
Fully featured (no adverts) for just AU$2.99.
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Speedo Minder v2.0 ~ Free

Speedo Minder v2.0 ~ US$1.99 / Au$2.99

Check out these short videos on how the 'Over-Speed' warning system works!

What's Awesome About Speedo Minder™ ?

Just To Name A Few Reasons.....

FAQs and Answers

1. What Speed Limit data does Speedo Minder use?

- Speedo Minder uses OSM Maps API for online speed limit data, to give you your local speed limit.

2. What is OSM?

- Open Street Maps is an open source mapping data set. It’s free to use and relies on community members for updating and correcting road data. Anyone can join and improve the road data in their area. Note the “O” icon on the main page is for OSM.

3. Why do I have to be online?

- You need the phone to be open to the sky for the GPS signal and online to receive the OSM data refreshing every 20 seconds.

4. How much data am I using?

- The packet of data sent to the OSM database server is tiny.

5. What happens if I don’t get Open Street Maps speed limit data in my area?

- If you find the bottom circle is not populating with the local speed limit it’s likely because OSM is not updated for that road. After 3 x 20 seconds ‘Searching’ cycles, the app will pop up an option for manual input of local speed limits. Alternatively, tap the OSM icon to bring up Manual Input of Speed Limit from the icons available and choose the correct limit for your road. If you wish, you can join the OSM community and update your local roads. When you believe OSM is available again simply tap the OSM icon again to go back to auto OSM API speed limit updates.

6. What happens if the Open Street Maps speed limit is wrong for a road in my area?

- If you find the bottom circle is populating with the wrong local speed limit it’s likely because OSM is in need of an updated for that road. For now, tap the OSM icon to bring up Manual Input of Speed Limit from the icons available and choose the correct limit for your road.
If you wish you can join the OSM community and update your local roads.

7. Why is there a speaker icon in the top left corner?

- Occasionally you’ll want to temporarily silence the alerts. Tapping the speaker icon will pause alerts for 30 seconds.
You’ll see a line across the icon for 30 seconds.

8. What happens when I tap the OSM icon?

- See the Answer to Question 5.

9. Why do I need to give permission for location services?

- The app needs your GPS location in order to know the local speed limit data for the bottom circle.

10. What are the best settings in configurations?

- Drivers will find their own configuration to best suit their driving conditions, however setting the ‘over-speed’ to +3 and the ‘Repeat Alert Frequency’ to every 4 seconds will work for most drivers.

11. When will the BLE device be available?

- The BLE device is in prototype and soon will launch on Kickstarter. You will be offered a free App upgrade if you buy a BLE vibrating Device.

12. What are the Connect and TestBuzz buttons for?

- We are using Connect and TestBuzz while developing the BLE Vibrating Device.

13. What is ‘Run in Background?

- If you need to answer a call the app will continue to ‘run in background’.

14. What is ‘Run in Foreground?

- This is a feature for future updates.

Specifications How to use

SpeedoMinder ~ Speed checking co-pilot

Bluetooth connected ~ speed checking co-pilot ~ 'buzzer' device
on your accelerator pedal!
Speedo Minder™ has been designed fully pre-set
and configured straight out the box.

Drive Safe

Stay safe and stay alert to creeping over the legal speed limit.
The GPS in your Smartphone is not a substitute for your attention to the posted road-side speed limit signs.
The GPS requires open sky access and a good signal.
For SpeedoMinder™ to work you must allow the app access to the GPS device in your Smartphone.

Run in Background

Users can Enable/Disable the app to run in the background.
This is ideal for when you're running your music or a hands-free kit through the phone.

Vibration Alert

Users can Enable/Disable the phone vibrating feature.

Volume Control

Use the + and - buttons to vary the volume of the Alert Tones.

Kmh or Mph

Users can toggle for either Kmh or Mph.

Repeat Alert Frequency - default at 5s

This feature allows the user to choose the maximum 'frequency'of Alerts during any given period of time.
The range is 1 to 30 seconds.
Default is 5 seconds. i.e. only 1 Alert per 5 seconds.

Disable Alerts with 'Time-out'

Tapping the 'speaker icon' will temporarily silence the alerts for a
set time of 30 seconds.
Alert notifications will 'resume'
at the end of the 30 second count-down.


Over-Speed magnitude can be toggled up and down from +1 to +9 Kmh/Mph.


Key Takeaways

SpeedoMinder App Screen Shots

Speedo Minder™ Haptic* Device Alert System is coming soon on Kickstarter.
Crowdfunding campaign is planned to start mid 2017.

Contact Information

Steve Grealy

Es Em Gee Pty Ltd
+61452 577 724
Christies Beach, South Australia 5165

For production updates and
general information please email.