How is Speedo Minder™ different from my SatNav or NavApp?

Feature - Choose your own repeat alert/warning frequency.

Benefit: - Over-speed warnings persist until you slow down!

Feature - Choose your own 'over-speed' warning level: +1 to +9 Mph/Kph.

Benefit: - Fully customized through the app to your own driving stlyle.

Feature - Automatic Bluetooth pairing between app & device.

Benefit: - App starts and runs without any driver interaction.

Feature - Current OSM app: Speed Limit data from Open Street Maps.

Benefit: - API data is online; pre-configured with auto updates.

Feature - New HERE app: Speed Limit and Safety/Speed Camera data from

Benefit: - API data is offline; pre-configured with auto updates.

Feature - Haptic feedback system - single or double 0.2 second 'vibrating' alert.

Benefit: - Not reliant on driver's attention to see or hear alerts; subtle, non-distracting!

Feature - Portable, compact (about the size of a thumb-drive), magnetic base.

Benefit: - Place the device anywhere it works for you!

Feature - iOS and Android app controlled.

Benefit: - Easy as to use. Configure once - set and forget.

Feature - Bluetooth Low Energy connected.

Benefit: - No interference with hands-free voice or music.

Benefit: - Connect to our proprietary device or your Android Smartwatch.

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Check out these short videos on how the 'Over-Speed' warning system works!

Speedo Minder™ Over-Speed Alert app on iOS & Android!

Bluetooth connected vibrating (Haptic) Device on your accelerator pedal!

AND NOW . . . also connect to your Android Smartwatch!

Speedo Minder™ v2.0 (using Open Street Maps API)
NOW available from the Apple App Store.

Free (with adverts) to download and use.
Fully featured (no adverts) for just AU$1.49.
Click on links below to go to App Store.

Speedo Minder v2.0 ~ Free - with adverts

Speedo Minder v2.0 ~ US$0.99 / Au$1.49 - sans adverts

What's Awesome About Speedo Minder™ ?

Just To Name A Few Reasons.....

FAQs and Answers

1. How does Speedo Minder work?

- Speedo Minder gives you Speed Limit & Speed Camera data using OSM/ Maps API for offline road data.
The Speedo Minder App monitors your GPS speed against your customized 'over-speed' settings.

2. How does Speedo Minder help me?

- When you exceed your pre-set 'over-speed' the Speedo Minder app
sends a Bluetooth Low Energy signal to the Haptic Device or your Smartwatch to vibrate you a warning.

3. Do I have to be online?

- No! Speedo Minder will use offline HERE maps for data.
But you will need the phone to be open to the sky for the GPS signal.

7. Why is there a speaker icon in the top left corner?

- If you ever want to temporarily silence the alerts,
tapping the speaker icon will pause alerts for 30 seconds.

8. Why do I need to give permission for location services?

- The app needs your GPS location in order to know the local speed limit data.

9. What are the best settings in configurations?

- Drivers will find their own configuration to best suit their driving conditions.
Setting the ‘over-speed’ to +3 and the ‘Repeat Alert Frequency’ to every 4 seconds will work for most drivers.

10. When will the BLE device be available?

- The BLE device is in prototype and soon will be available soon.
Meanwhile we are in final development for connecting our app to your Android Smartwatch.

11. What is ‘Run in Background?

- If you need to answer a call the app will continue to ‘run in background’.

12. What is ‘Run in Foreground?

- This means your app will run as soon as it pairs with the Haptic device or Smartwatch.

Key Takeaways